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Latest 5 Star Romance Novel Reviews

The newest romance novels rated 5 hearts (or stars, books, etc.) from The Wild Rose Press are listed here.

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Top Pick
The Commander’s Desire, by Jennette Green ☆☆☆☆☆
Historical, sensual

Princess Elwytha wants revenge on the monster who murdered her brother. In a false exchange for peace, she offers herself in marriage to the enemy Prince. The plan? Kill the Prince’s battle-scarred Commander—the man who ended King Thor’s life with one filthy sword thrust through the back. To her horror, the Commander agrees to take Elwytha as his bride… More…

“Ms. Green’s portrayal of the Commander was refreshing. He was kind and caring without being wimpy, and it takes a talented author to bring that out in a character without losing the effect of being a strong alpha warrior while keeping the reader's interest at the same time....THE COMMANDER'S DESIRE is definitely a keeper.” – Sheila Smith, Romance Reader at Heart …full review
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Almost Home, by Carla Rossi ☆☆☆☆☆
Inspirational, sweet

Detective Justin Hatcher and Cameron McAlister are in a hurry to leave North Carolina—for totally different reasons. He wants to confront his family about a five-year-old betrayal. She wants to escape the remnants of a failed marriage. More…

“This book is a fresh look at a love story in the making. It is uplifting and a book that anyone would enjoy, regardless of genre preference….Great job, Ms. Rossi. This book is going on my “keeper” list.” – Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio …full review
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Finding Joy, by Kara Lynn Russell ☆☆☆☆☆
Inspirational, sweet

Shy Joy Harper, the organist for Orchard Hill Community Church, has long been overlooked by Pastor Isaac. Then Pansy Parker announces she’s retiring and Joy is asked to fill in as secretary. With an unusually large number of weddings coming up and the Christmas holidays looming, Joy and Isaac put in a lot of hours together and he discovers a beautiful and caring woman beneath Joy’s reserved fa├žade. Can he convince her that the only gift he wants for Christmas is her heart?

“[Kara Lynn Russell’s] style is upbeat, sometimes comical, and always romantic. The characters from her small town are always solid citizens who just happen to be lonely. I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys inspirational romance.” -- Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio …full review
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From the Ashes, by Cait McCarter ☆☆☆☆☆
Paranormal, sensual

The memory of her pyreweld demon lover haunts HANNAH REED. Two years ago, WILL CALDWELL deserted her for a female demon, extinguishing a fiery passion in Hannah’s heart. Left to rekindle scattered feelings, Hannah turns more and more to her old friend MICHAEL PARKER. Until the day he announces that he loves her—the same day Hannah senses Will’s return to their small Texas town. More…

“I thoroughly enjoyed From The Ashes, once I started to read I found it hard to put the story down….It’s a great read and one that I would recommend to fans of this genre.” – Sandie, WRDF Reviews …full review
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Holiday Spirit, by Donna Michaels ☆☆☆☆☆
Paranormal, sweet

Every year, during the winter solstice, a door is opened for ghosts to move on. And every year, Lucius Beaumont and his ghost wife, Hattie Mae, pass up the opportunity in order to help mankind. This year is no exception. Jeff Grayson and his wife Carolyn need to be reunited for a very special reason. The bumbling fun begins when Jeff leaves L.A. to fly home to surprise his wife—who's on a plane bound for California to surprise him. Little do they know they're about to encounter some Holiday Spirit.

“Donna Michaels gives us a cute, funny tale of helpful but, in Lucius’ case a little bumbling, ghosts. These two characters are spirits with their hearts in the right place for sure….This is a great story of the real spirit-or spirits-of Christmas.” – Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio …full review
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Let Nothing You Dismay, by Linda Swift ☆☆☆☆☆
Contemporary (later life), sweet

Kala position as a tour guide at a Kentucky Welcome Center isn't enough to cope with huge debts left by her late husband's illness, but she manages to make ends meet…until her car quits running. To save money on repairs, she enrolls in an auto-maintenance class taught by Rex, a handsome part-time instructor whose broken heart needs repairing, too. More…

“Linda Swift did an amazing job with Let Nothing You Dismay….I would definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to read a sweet romantic story.” – Violet, Long and Short Reviews …full review
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Touched by an Angel, by Sharon Donovan ☆☆☆☆☆
Inspirational, sweet

On the eve of the anniversary of his wife’s death, Charles is as restless as the coming storm. Surrounded by the eerie stillness of the Mojave Desert, he contemplates suicide, but just as he is about to jump to his death, he hears the melodic voice of his wife telling him it’s not his time. Then Charles meets Emma who looks so much like his wife she could be her twin. Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered, Charles is drawn to her. More…

“I must say I cried through this whole story. We all dream of being blessed with a true love, but to be doubly blessed is truly a gift from God. Touched by an Angel shows the way God works in our lives. Just Amazing.” – Matilda, Coffee Time Romance …full review
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