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Latest 5 Star Romance Novel Reviews

The newest romance novels rated 5 stars (or hearts, books, etc.) from The Wild Rose Press are listed here.

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Best Book
Time and Again, by Nancy Fraser ☆☆☆☆☆
Paranormal, sensual

When reporter, Kate Brogan, and her ex-husband vice cop, Matthew Kelley, both end up investigating local psychic Olga Limas, Kate realizes the fluff piece of journalism she'd anticipated might just turn into something more. Out to debunk the woman's claim of being able to guide séance participants into the future, both Kate's and Matt's skepticism is put to the test when they find themselves transported to 2057.Certain the only one they can truly trust is each other, they form an alliance that quickly stirs more intimate and loving memories. Just as they are about to be shown the way home, a presidential assassination puts their lives, and their chances for a "happily ever after," in jeopardy.

“Pardon me if I gush. This book caught me from the first word and didn’t let go until I finished it three hours later….If you like witty romances with a paranormal/sci-fi/time-travel bent, you are going to love this one.” – Water Lily, Long and Short Reviews …full review
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The Cowboy Comes Home, by Roni Adams ☆☆☆☆☆
Contemporary (Western), spicy

They say you can never go home again. Tyler Weston is hoping that's not true. Two years ago he thought he wanted freedom and to be as far away from Sweet Meadow, Texas as he could get. He left behind his family's ranch, his brothers and his childhood sweetheart, Beth Sampson. Now he's home for the holidays, but he's hoping to make it a permanent move. Will he be able to mend the hurts he's caused especially with Beth or has she grown up and gotten completely over him? More…

“As I read this wonderful story, I fell in love with its characters including Beth and Tyler’s large family. Raised together following a tragic accident, Beth, Tyler, and their respective siblings have formed a loving family whose concern and caring for one another is evident in all that they do….With a touching relationship and great characters, The Cowboy Comes Home is a fabulous read that I loved!” – Lilac, Long and Short Reviews …full review
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Hurricane Breeze, by Terry Odell ☆☆☆☆☆
Contemporary, spicy

Carter Worthington IV is the kind of man whose schedule is laid out in fifteen minute increments, while Tiffany Breeze wouldn't know what to do with a day planner if she owned one. Carter thinks he's happy, tucked away in a quiet Florida neighborhood, where nobody knows his alter ego is novelist Grant Gardner, and he's content to keep it that way. But when a hurricane blows Ms. Breeze into his sheltered universe, he must deal with his past, overcome his fears and decide if he's spent his life existing instead of living. More…

“Ms. Odell crafts this book into one of those excellent love stories that stand out from the rest. Wonderful characters and dialogue keep it so realistic it will have you laughing out loud and shedding a few tears before you're done.” – Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio …full review
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Reviewer Top Pick
The Making of a Country Doctor,
by Patrice Moore ☆☆☆☆☆
Contemporary, sensual

It’s hard to attract doctors — and women — to rural areas. Physician Ben Taylor, temporarily confined to a wheelchair after a motorcycle accident, desperately needs help running his medical clinic in remote Jasper, Idaho. But he never expected his new Resident Doctor, Julia Chambers, to be an exotic beauty. Julia is traumatized after losing a maternity patient during her emergency room rotation in Portland, Oregon, her trauma compounded by the desertion of her fiancé. She is seeking a place to hide and recover from her ordeal. She has no interest in developing a relationship with Ben. More…

“I loved how Ms. Moore told the story and weaved messages of hope, love and renewal throughout the pages. I highly recommend this story and it’s a definite keeper in my library.” – Diana Coyle, Night Owl Romance …full review
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The Man Hunt, by Phyllis Campbell ☆☆☆☆☆
Contemporary, hot

Unwilling to let another man control her life, Dr. Jordan Reed hires someone to portray her new love interest to satisfy her nagging stepmother. Part of the bargain is that he convince her ex-boyfriend that she has happily moved on. Unfortunately, it’s hard to prove when Brock Hamill blames Jordan for his sister’s suicide and embarks on a mission to destroy her psychiatric credibility. More…

“An absolute delight to read. Ms. Campbell has done a wonderful job of creating characters with real, believable emotions and issues, making the story one that will pull you in from the first page…. Without a doubt, Ms. Campbell has just found herself a new fan.” – Wisteria, Long and Short Reviews …full review
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Outrageous Behavior, by Amy Corwin ☆☆☆☆☆
Historical, sweet

As the Season in London comes to a close, Laura finds herself in a predicament. The one man she is attracted to has neglected to make an offer for her, and her family wants her to accept the proposal of a fortune-hunter. Determined not to let propriety stand in the way of her future happiness, she resorts to outrageous behavior to escape the damp grasp of the wrong man—and to discover true love in the arms of another.

“Amy Corwin pens an excellent romance with a twist at the end that's superb.” – Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio …full review
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Said the Spider to the Fly, by Miss Mae ☆☆☆☆☆
Suspense, sweet

Mona Murphy returns to Copper Springs to attend her grandfather's memorial service. His passing appeared ordinary enough—the official report stated he'd tripped and fallen down the staircase. Yet Preston Hitchcock, the insurance agent who'd sold a half million-dollar policy to Mona's grandfather days before the old man died, isn't convinced, especially when bloody towels are discovered in the backyard. More…

“I loved this little romance mystery!... The story had an old fashioned feel to it that made me think of a small town “genteel” era. These were lovely characters with a great murder mystery. A very wonderful read!” – Martha E., You Gotta Read Reviews …full review
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The Sweetheart Tree, by Clover Autrey ☆☆☆☆☆
Paranormal, sweet

One life turned the Battle of Sunken Bridge….Not a history enthusiast, Bree doesn’t pay much attention while at the Civil War museum with her history-buff sister. Though letters behind glass and a multitude of initials carved into the Sweetheart Tree do cause Bree to wonder if she will ever find someone to love that wholeheartedly. She never expected to be thrown back in time; or to find the answer in the warm gaze of a confederate lieutenant. A lieutenant who, should he live, will alter history.

“Clover Autrey pens a sweet romance. This tale gets to me in a way because of the hint that history may not be all we think it is. If we could only go back in time some of the heroes, like Captain Ware, may turn out to be something else….I thoroughly enjoyed this tale.” – Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio …full review
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When the World is Right,
by Margo Hoornstra ☆☆☆☆☆
Contemporary (later life), sweet

Brian Hawthorne never meant to hurt his wife Casey, but he had. He never meant for them to fight. But they did. Hadn’t meant to spend the night alone at a hotel. But he did that too. Now all Brian wants to do is make amends. Assure Casey of his love. But, will she accept the gift he’s brought her and forgive him? And make their world right once again.

“Margo Hoornstra seems to be reminding us how easily simple things can turn into major battles between people. Most couples can probably relate to the situation of the characters. Dreaming of the future seems to be easy until that next step of actual commitment faces Brian….This is a well told tale of a man facing his fears in a good way.” – Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio …full review
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