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Latest 5 Star Romance Novel Reviews

The newest romance novels rated 5 stars (or hearts, books, etc.) from The Wild Rose Press are listed here.

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Recommended Read
Outrageous Behavior, by Amy Corwin ☆☆☆☆☆
Historical, sweet

As the Season in London comes to a close, Laura finds herself in a predicament. The one man she is attracted to has neglected to make an offer for her, and her family wants her to accept the proposal of a fortune-hunter. Determined not to let propriety stand in the way of her future happiness, she resorts to outrageous behavior to escape the damp grasp of the wrong man—and to discover true love in the arms of another.

Outrageous Behavior is a delicious bite-sized Regency Romance perfect for a lunch break read.” – Kimber, Fallen Angel Reviews …full review
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Recommended Read
Seventh Heaven, by Cate Masters ☆☆☆☆☆
Vintage, spicy

Lilah owns the New Hope Record and Crafts Shop with her friend, Val. Selling their handmade jewelry and pottery to tourists in their Delaware River town keeps them independent and free spirited. Lilah’s only hangup is James, who bartends down the street. She’s crazy about him, but lately he’s been cold and distant. More…

“This is a touching, three hanky read. Seventh Heaven is an uplifting romance set in a turbulent, unique time period. I did not want it to end.” – Kimber, Fallen Angel Reviews …full review
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All or Nothing, by Ashley Elizabeth Ludwig ☆☆☆☆☆
Inspirational, sweet

RuthAnne Newcomb, a young widow starting over, nearly dies on the perilous winding road to Tucson, Arizona in 1876. The accident is a cover-up for a heinous crime at the hand of the murderous bandit El Tejano. Robbed and left for dead, all that remains for RuthAnne is her faith and her God-given talents. She needs both to endure the handsome, vengeful cavalry captain who saves her life. More…

“This is a well written tender love story along with a little suspense and intrigue mixed into the plot. The characters are marvelous and you can’t help but like all of them.” – Sunflower, Long and Short Reviews …full review
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The Dance Lesson, by Jocelyn Saint James ☆☆☆☆☆
Contemporary (later life), sweet

Caught in the throes of middle age and balancing life's responsibilities, Doreen never imagines that a trip to her daughter's dance studio would be the start of an adventure. When she reluctantly joins Andrew's ballroom dance class, she realizes that ballroom dancing isn't all she has to learn. Can she trust her heart to follow her feet and make the right moves?

The Dance Lesson is a sweet, uplifting short story about the pleasure of letting yourself go enough to flirt and imagine and believe that the object of your attraction has an equal attraction for you.” – Sasha, TwoLips Reviews …full review
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Honeysuckle, by Elizabeth Butler ☆☆☆☆☆
Vintage, sweet

Seth Bridges has come to Lofgren, Illinois for one purpose, to determine who is instrumental in the bootlegging operation in the area. As an undercover Bureau agent, his disguise as an itinerant preacher does not seem appropriate, but everyone assures him this is the best way to disguise himself. On his way to minister to a dying man, he asks directions from Aurora Long, a local farm girl. Aurora has big plans for her life... More…

“HONEYSUCKLE is not only a cute love story but it also is a believable portrayal of the early pre-Depression era…. I give three cheers and a well done to Elizabeth Butler for this sweet and informative love story.” -- Raakhee Suryaprakash, WRDF Reviews…full review
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I Was a Teenage Alien, by Jane Greenhill ☆☆☆☆☆
Young Adult, sweet

Oas is sent from her home planet of Zorca-twenty-three to rescue her brother Ralb from the worst humanoid known in the solar system—a teenage girl. With her traveling companions, Rotsen, a plant with an attitude who watches too many Sopranos reruns, and Lehcarr, a Venus Fly Trap with the habit of eating her friends, they set out to find Ralb. More…

“The book is a crazy and humorous adventure story with wonderful details from the fertile mind of Jane Greenhill. Her detailed descriptions of both earth and Zorca-twenty-three, and the zany adventures of the main character will keep even reluctant readers more than happy right to the final page.” – Ann Ketcheson, CM Magazine …full review
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Love, Lilies, and the Unbroken Straw,
by Teri Wilson ☆☆☆☆☆
Paranormal, sweet

Christabel Wilde’s life has just turned upside-down. With little more than the clothes on her back and her newly rescued Chihuahua tucked under her arm, she makes a pledge to start over and applies for a job as a groom at a horse rescue farm. Nevermind that she’s never been up close to a horse before, she has a bigger secret to hide. More…

“I loved the sweet, tender way that the characters treated both each other and the animals under their care while still being able to have fun, tease and (please forgive the pun) horse around.” – Crystal, CK2S Kwips & Kritiques …full review
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Men of Paradise, by Kathleen O’Connor ☆☆☆☆☆
Contemporary (later life), sweet

Things should be peaceful in Paradise, Florida. Right? But not for Yuma Hawk, the new director of security at the gated community of Royal Breezes. He's fast falling in love with a woman who has enough secrets to sink a barge, and one of those secrets just may cost him his job. Now, Roy, his worst enemy, has just blown into town and fallen -- literally and figuratively -- for Yuma's administrative assistant. More…

“I really enjoyed this sweet read and plan to keep the book around so I can pull this out when I need to remind myself that love isn’t only for the young!” – MarthaE, WRDF Reviews …full review
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A Perfect Fit, by Sheridon Smythe ☆☆☆☆☆
Contemporary, spicy

Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Petite but impulsive Brooke Welch went haywire when a careless heartbreaker got her kid sister pregnant, then up and disappeared. No way would the playboy evade his responsibility, even if Brooke had to kidnap him, hogtie him, and force him to be a father. More…

A Perfect Fit by Sheridon Smythe is an absolute delight…. Ms. Smythe has penned a fantastic tale that uses humor to develop one of the best love stories I’ve ever read.” – Callie, TwoLips Reviews …full review
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Retrieving Morning, by JoAn Watson Martin ☆☆☆☆☆
Contemporary (later life), sensual

AnnaMarie Whitson, a widow in her twilight years, spent the last five years caring for her husband and now is determined to become an independent woman. Her adult children, however, expect her to act her age, maintain their childhood home, and serve as babysitter. Determined to be her own person, she attends her high school reunion and there becomes re-acquainted with Jay, a boyfriend from years past. More…

Retrieving Morning is not just a book for the middle-aged. Anyone from a young teenager on up could read it and use it for a discussion about how people treat each other, how we should behave, and what makes people truly valuable and truly attractive.” – Sasha, TwoLips Reviews …full review
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The Way to Mexiflor, by Mia Rodriguez ☆☆☆☆☆
Paranormal, spicy

Esmeralda is beautiful, psychic, and suicidal. She travels to Mexico to end her turbulent life but instead a mysterious cat saves her. In a state of amnesia, she begins a new magical life as Marisol when she meets Alexander, an actor filming in Mexico. She dislikes him at first contact and he battles with his own inner struggles. More…

“…I found myself thoroughly engaged by this intriguing, heart warming, thought provoking story. The author has created a story that is a compelling page turner.” -- Vasiliki Scurfield, WRDF Reviews …full review
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