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Latest 5 Star Romance Novel Reviews

The newest romance novels rated 5 stars (or hearts, books, etc.) from The Wild Rose Press are listed here.

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Top Read
A Different Drum, by Cindy Causey ☆☆☆☆☆
Contemporary, spicy

Out-of-work reporter Mallory Aikins dreams of a Prince Charming who will whisk her away from her family’s poverty to his mansion on the hill. Instead, she’s stranded in the tiny town of Sagebrush, watching her chance at a new start in Palm Springs evaporate in the New Mexico heat. But her reporter’s curiosity is piqued by sexy, mysterious, motorcycle-riding sheriff Drummond Wolfe. More…

“I liked this book enough to research the author, to purchase any other books she may have written.” – Jade Ryan, WRDF Reviews …full review
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Recommended Read
Where the Rain is Made, by K. Celeste Bryan ☆☆☆☆☆
Paranormal, spicy

A Dangerous Warrior Held captive by a decadent-looking savage, Francesca DuVall spends every waking moment planning an escape for her brother, Marsh. But she never counted on falling in love with the man whose smoldering sapphire eyes cause her to tremble with unbridled passion. Ethan Gray, the man, is a curator at a famous museum . . . most of the time, that is. At other times, he’s Meko, a savage warrior hurtled into the past to help his beloved people, the Cheyenne. More…

“This is a historical romance sure to magically sweep you back in time. A must read!” – Karen Michelle Nutt, PNR Reviews …full review
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A Convenient Cowboy, by Shari Thayn ☆☆☆☆☆
Contemporary, spicy

Nina Randall needs a change. Her career as an ad exec is in a shambles and she has no personal life to speak of. She has one last chance to prove herself—a soda pop commercial in a Western setting. The thought of rough, rugged cowboys positively beckons. More…

“Ms. Shari Thayn has written a great story with dynamic characters.” – Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio …full review
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The Daddy Issue, by Melissa Beck ☆☆☆☆☆
Contemporary, sensual

The last souvenir small-town girl Gretchen expected from her Chicago vacation was getting pregnant from one night of delight. The sexy, successful CEO she hooked up with told her he wasn't interested in a family, so she never revealed what had happened. Five years later, Daniel is at the top of his game in both business and womanizing, but he's shaken off his pedestal when a friend hints that he might have a daughter. More…

“Ms. Melissa Beck has written a great book about a couple who faced a gigantic, seemingly insurmountable problem….I highly recommend this book as one which will grab your attention and hold it until the very last page.” – Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio …full review
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Dog Nanny, by Ann Whitaker ☆☆☆☆☆
Contemporary, sensual

Doggy do-gooder Julie Shields has one month to save two delinquent poodles from becoming doggies of divorce. A self-proclaimed born-again virgin with a biological clock running out of juice, she also needs to find a husband. When hunky pilot Nick Worthington arrives at the Abilene airport to fly her to Waco, he sends Julie into a tailspin. But he also may be a drug trafficker and smuggler of illegal aliens. Not only that, he’s involved with another woman. More…

“How refreshing it is to read a book that took me away from the present moment and transported me into a small town in Texas where Old World meets New World. This is a magnificent book that is witty in all the right places.” – Shannon, Coffee Time Romance …full review
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Forever from Paris, by Nicola Beaumont ☆☆☆☆☆
Inspirational (Contemporary), sweet

The Desire of her heart... Finally, a man who doesn't think Marie is a bumbling fool for not being able to articulate her thoughts. Kind, thoughtful, attentive...handsome: He's definitely the answer to her prayer for a devoted husband. A promise of forever... Observant, funny, shy...gorgeous: Martin is tempted by the thought of a lifetime with Marie, but he must put aside his desire, for his heart is not free to love another woman. More…

“Nicola Beaumont pens a unique tale of the kind of love that is powerful and unselfish.” – Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio …full review
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It’s About Time, by Andee S. Davis ☆☆☆☆☆
Historical, sweet

A summer in England was meant to help Meg Sutherland grieve her father’s early passing. The last thing she expects is to be thrown back in time to an era where her everyday knowledge of health and medicine may save two lives threatened by old-fashioned ignorance. How can she convince handsome Mr. Ellingsworth that her meddling will save his children’s lives when her twenty-first century confidence only increases his resistance? More…

“Getting the reader to believe a person can go to another time is essential to the story and Ms Davis accomplished this in It's About Time with talent and cleverness.” – Sal, Two Lips Reviews …full review
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Marrying Minda, by Tanya Hanson ☆☆☆☆☆
Historical (Western), spicy

Mail-order bride Minda Becker arrives in Paradise, Nebraska and eagerly marries the handsome man who meets her stagecoach. His wedding kiss melts her toes. Too bad he's the wrong bridegroom. Having honored his brother's deathbed request to marry Minda, Cowboy Brixton Haynes can't deny he'd like a wedding night with the eastern beauty. But the last thing he needs is to be saddled with a wife and the three children his brother left behind. More…

“Ms. Tanya Hanson has written a book about the things I love reading the most—historical, western, mail order bride—with great characters and fast-paced action and conflict which makes the good times even better.” – Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio …full review
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Meant to Be, by Donna Marie Rogers ☆☆☆☆☆
Contemporary, spicy

She's running from her past, he's unsure about his future. Maybe together they can figure out what was MEANT TO BE.… Officer Garrett Jamison is at the lowest point in his life. He’s lost faith in his ability as a police officer after unwittingly setting his sister up with a dirty cop. Garrett ended up getting shot, and his sister's son kidnapped right out of his own bed. He takes a leave from the force, in need of some time to make a decision about his future. Too bad he can't get a decent night's sleep thanks to his sexy new neighbor and her howling cat. More…

“Do you love characters that are stubborn, honorable, sassy, and just plain lovable? Well, look no further. Jessica and Garrett will keep you on your toes and turning those pages.” – Roberta, You Gotta Read Reviews …full review
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The Prisoner, by Sharon Lanergan ☆☆☆☆☆
Historical, spicy

When Brian Fitzroy is unable to save the woman he loved from her murderous husband, he is imprisoned with no hope of rescue since his family believes him dead. Years pass until the day a beautiful woman enters his cell. Constance Portnoy, the treasured and protected ward of the Fitzroys, is seduced by Loutrant, the man who imprisoned Brian. Realizing too late, she becomes his latest prisoner. More…

“This is the kind of book I love to read: a historical romance, even though it’s not the kind I write. The Prisoner kept me glued to my seat, staying up until the wee hours of the morning simply becauseI wanted to finish it.” – Marianne Gibson, WRDF Reviews …full review
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Shilo, by Kathie Harrington ☆☆☆☆☆
Inspirational, sweet

Holly Holder is 27 years old and has never dated; not because she hasn't wanted to but because Holly's social skills are awkward and communication is difficult. Holly is a young adult with autism. She has been autistic all of her life but she is experiencing independence in her living arrangements and a new freedom in her emotions. Those emotions center on Hal, whom she has discovered at church every Sunday from Easter through the beautiful Iowa fall. More…

“Kathie Harrington does a wonderful job sharing the lives of two autistic people. It's refreshing to see a tale that's not filled with double entendres and the kind of communication games people often play.” – Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio …full review
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