Friday, October 30, 2009

Best Romance Novels


Are you looking for a great romance novel to read? This blog, in association with Best Romance Novels Today, is dedicated to posting the best romance novels we can find.

We scour the web, searching independent review sites for the best romance novels. We consider books from large publishers, and also gems from the small presses. Each book posted has earned at least one 5 star review from a respected reviewer. In addition, we check that novel's average star ranking on Amazon. If a book earns 5 stars from both sources, we post it here.

We're sure you'll find some wonderful books to read. Enjoy!

Elfland, best fantasy romanceElfland
Freda Warrington
Tor, 2009
Fantasy romance

Elfland is an intimate, sensual novel of people—both human and Aetherial—caught between duty and desire. It’s a story of families, and of Rose Fox, a woman born to magic but tormented by her place in her adopted world. Led by Auberon Fox, a group of Aetherials—call them the Fair Folk, if you will—live among us, indistinguishable from humans. Every seven years, on the Night of the Summer Stars, Lawrence Wilder, the Gatekeeper, throws open all gates to the Other World. But this time, something has gone wrong. More...

“This is simply one of the best fantasy novels of the year.” – Natalie A. Luhrs, RT Book Reviews …full review

Available at AmazonElfland, best fantasy romance

Untamed, best historical romanceUntamed (MacKinnon's Rangers, Book 2)
Pamela Clare
Leisure Books, 2008
Historical romance

After he's captured by the French and threatened with being burned alive by their Abanaki allies, Morgan MacKinnon becomes a spy within their camp, never realizing just how treacherous his conflicting loyalties will be when he falls in love with an innocent yet alluring mademoiselle.

“The characters leap off the pages...” – Marilyn Rondeau, CK2S Kwips and Kritiques …full review

Available at AmazonUntamed, best historical romance

Where the Wind Blows, best historical western romanceWhere the Winds Blows
Caroline Fyffe
Leisure Books, 2009
Historical (Western) romance

Chase Logan liked being a loner, a drifter, free and clear as a mountain stream. But one look into Jessie Strong's sky-blue eyes and in the span of a heartbeat, he found himself agreeing to be her husband--and a father! Jessie knew it was all pretend. And only temporary. Just until the adoption went through for three-year-old Sarah. But the longer Chase stayed, the less she could imagine a long, lonely Wyoming winter without him. More...

“ If you are a western fan, this will make you shout for joy that someone has gotten it so right.” – Shirley Lyons, The Romance Reader …full review

Available at AmazonWhere the Wind Blows, best historical western romance

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