Friday, September 2, 2011

Free Marketing Opportunity for Romance Authors/Publishers

Free marketing opportunity for romance authors and publishers, and others in the romance industry.

In order to celebrate our three year anniversary, for a limited time we are offering free advertising to publishers and authors on our popular website, Two marketing opportunities are available, and one free SEO opportunity is available. The marketing opportunities are on a first come, first serve basis.

Free Marketing Opportunity:

1. Publishers: Would you like to have a free skyscraper banner on the first page of a site with over 7,000 visitors in July alone? We are offering one month of free advertising to mainstream romance publishers (no erotica, please). To qualify, simply place a link on your site to, with the words (no quotes) “Best Romance Novels Today” in the linking code. Then contact us at and I will schedule your preferred month of free advertising. You provide the skyscraper ad (no wider than 160px), and we’ll link it to your site.

2. Authors: If you have published a mainstream romance novel (no erotica, please), that has:

a) received a five star review from a well-known reviewer (at least 50 reviews published per year) and
b) averages 4.5 to 5 stars on Amazon, we would like to give you a free advertising spot on one of the category pages of Best Romance Novels Today. Either you can provide an ad (no wider than 160 px), or we will provide the advertisement for you.

Simply email the following information to :

a) the review link to your specific review page (not the home page of the review site, please)
b) the title and genre of the book,
c) your author name.
d) please place a link on your website or blog to, with the words (no quotes) “Best Romance Novels Today” in the linking code.

Once we’ve received this information, I will schedule your free advertising space on BRNT.

SEO Opportunity:

Authors, publishers, and others in the romance industry: A free link exchange opportunity is available to all who would like to participate. Up to three quality inbound links from our romance and publisher sites to your site(s) are available. Contact for more information.

I look forward to helping you promote your books and websites! :)


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